Ross' Steam stuff

29th January 2010

Onto the next project! 
I am planning to build a small steam car based on these plans! 
I will use some various mamod parts but the chassis will be made from scratch out of tin. 
I am going to order some parts on Monday and then once they come I will start my up hill struggle!

2 February 2010 

I have the metal and the wheels now. Just waiting for the parts to turn up! 




3rd Febuary 2010

The parts came today along with two freebies form a extremely generous forum member!


5th February 

 This afternoon I made a start 

I Fitted the front axle and wheels

Made a chassis with one fire box support (another one to go on tommorow!)

And took all the fittings off the boiler. 







6 Febuary 2010

I mounted the boiler today and the engine frame. The back wheels are on and so is the drive pulley. I hope to be soldering the pipes tommorow



7th febuary 2010

 spent nearly all day trying to solder the pipes! it was a real pain!



11th Febuary 2010

It wont run any more. I have re done the copper pipes and still no joy!

 I will send it to a forum member to see what they can do!


14 Febuary 2010

I turned the boiler around for a shorter steam pipe as I found there was a blockage, It was a last gasp effort but it worked and I am chuffed to bits with it now!4_4FMZr4ksQ


26th Febuary 2010

I have got a new engine frame for the car it now only runs in forewrds and it runs well! I had some trouble soldering it but it works now!

27th Febuary 2010

Got the side panels on the car today and drew out the grille in CAD but it is now a corrupt file so I will have to do it all over again!





28th Febury 2010

The boot lid is now fitted and so has the seat. Just working on the grille



7th march 2010

The car is now finished. The grill is fitted and it has been renamed the Lincolnshire limousine. Here are some pictuires and a video!