Ross' Steam stuff

August 24 2012

I started a new project on my lathe today. I'm building a enlarged version of the rocking engine.

  I faced all of my stock and turned the cylinder to length.

I also started on the cylinder cover, I turned it to the correct diameter. It needs to be marked out for the 6 equispaced holes next.

August 25th 2012


Today I marked out the holes on the cylinder cover and drilled them.

It was very hard to do on my pillar drill and it took some lining up. I think I moved in a bit to far in while marking the PCD I will have  to make the bore of the cylinder smaller by 2mm.

Next, I cut the stock and faced to the required thickness and drilled and tapped M5:

I finish turned the cylinder cover, and adjusted it slightly to Make it easier to drill the holes in the cylinder.  The only thing I didn't do was put a recess for a seal as I'm not sure of the size of the one I'll use.

Next I turned the outer diameter of the cylinder, turned the majority first.

And then turned it in the chuck and finished all the way.

Next I drilled the bore to 13mm

And then bolted The cylinder plate and cylinder together ready for drilling and tapping.

August 27th 2012

I drilled and tapped the holes in the cylinder, I messed up the centre punches on the first try hence the extra set. 

I drilled the bore to the final diameter and lapped. 

August 31st 2012

 the piston is made:


September 2nd 2012

Today I put the radius onto the piston and made it fit the bore.

October 20th 2012

I made a mandrel for clamping the crank wheels while drilling the offset holes.

I drilled the first hole with no problems. But on the second I over tightened the nut and stripped the thread, I had to put the 3 jaw back on and skim the face.

Clocked and drilled.

Then I drilled the holes for the grubsrews to fix onto the crank. And. Threaded M3.

September 23rd 2012

Today I made two crank wheels.  They just need the off set hole drilled through the for the crank pin.

I also shortened the bolts for the cylinder plate.