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Saw Mill

After being inspired by one of the members on the forum I have decide to build a saw mill / workshop!


13th October 2009

Raided the schools scrap wood bin! I found some wood to make some small work benches with. I will try and find a base tommorow at school!

14th October 2009


 Got the base at school today 


  The new base!

 The walls all marked up!

 A check to see if it all fits!




15th October 2009

I have decided on what images I will put on the walls!


 It will be all systems go! on Saturday!


17th October 2009

Got some metal filings and some metal Going to cut out the wood soon

 Got the wood cut and glued the tables



Stuck the background onto the panels of wood 




18th October 2009

I stuck the workbenches down with some glue. I screwed the sides on and decorated one of the workbenches.




25th October 2009

Just an update of what is happening

 I am going to try an secure a line shaft this week! then I can carry on with my project. Wish me luck! 

27th October 2009

Got the unjoined drive bands. Should be able to get the line shaft tomorrow. Also I have some more tools in my line of sight

29th October 2009

bought the lineshaft!

Lets hope Royal mail pull their finger out and deliver It!


3rd November 2009

The royal mail have been royal and delivered my lineshaft! I should have the mill done by the weekend fingers crossed!


7th November

I basically got it done today!





28th october

I tested it with my mamod SE2A today and it works a treat!


I Just need one more wilesco tool to fit on the end!!!

 1xnTt_03YVk wf8miJcifis



15th November 2009

got the drill yesterday and mounted it! I think this is officially done now! I think I will have to start a new project.



18th April 2011

I am doing a refurbishment, after nearly two years things have worn out and fallen off etc. 

I moved everything over to the far left to make space for two new tools. I cleaned all of the sludge and oil off that was everywhere.

I'm going to have to buy some replacement parts for the grinder as his flint has been totally worn and there is nothing left on the wheel.


23 April 2011

Well, Instead of spending money buying new pats for the shears grinder I decided to do the following:

I super glued some emery paper to the wheel.

and Epoxied the flint to the shears, I tried super glue but I was not strong enough to hold the flint while in action.

30th April 2011

The wood sawer  arrived today and I wasted no time in mounting it onto the workshop.

24 April 2011

I let the epoxy dry over night, I'm not sure how long it will hold but nevertheless it works.

I have now mounted the tool onto the set up and glued some bits and pieces back on that previously fell off.

I'm not having much luck with tools, it seems DHL shipping prices have rocketed and I have had numerous quotes of 17 euro to ship a wilesco tool. It looks more money is needed!

5th May 2011

I ordered the final tool today, A wilesco M94, The store was out of the M86 so This was the alternative 

Here is the Wilesco Workshop Running after the refurbishment. It is being Run by My D24.

I hope you Enjoy the video and The pictures below:

The New worker arrived into work this morning, I now have a complete set of workers.

I'll sort out some different screws in the week as well