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Steam powered water feature

here is my build diary of a small water feature!

 I will solder the 2 copper pipes 1 into the basin where the water is. And the second coming through the mouth The water will be compressed by the piston

4th January 2010

Today I am pondering what water feature I should use I am looking at dolls house websites I have found this one:

Though it is terracotta  and when I drill the holes I will crack!

 I hope it has a big engough basin to fill the piston!

Or there is this one:

 I hope it has a big engough basin to fill the piston!

 I have also ordered an engine frame and an crankshaft off mamod parts as soon as they come I can get making!

5th January 2010

Got some wood today I need to chop the font piece shorter as it is too tall. 

I was going to start wont this afternoon but our bus broke down on the way home



6th January

I nailed the base together today though if the water feature I ordered is not adequate I will have to change the layout! lets hope it is


8th January 2009

The parts arrived today! 

Fingers crossed the water feature will arrive tomorrow

 I got the parts from here: Fantastic service!



11 January 2010

Bad news! A total redesign is necessary! this is why!

the lion head water feature I got has not actually got a basin! :

It is just a sloped ridge!

It looks nice though I Will buy a kit of the terracotta water feature and modify it to my specification! I am just Negotiating with the lady now! I must admit I think The terracotta feature will look better! It seems more ambient!


16th January 2010

I have bought some grass on ebay and I will go looking for a terracotta bowl for my fountain at  a local garden centre  

17th January 2010

I got it just about finished today!


I was tired of waiting for that woman to reply so I went to our local garden center and picked up and terracotta bowl for 70p! 

 I assembled the wood drilled holes etc

Then I soldered the pipes fitted the piston and flywheel and tested! And it works!






It works

after sweat blood and tears (adjusting the pipes) it finally works I am pleased as punch!Fik8DOixMM8


19th January 2009

I redid the flower pot today and put some small stones in its place. my grass also arrived so I installed that too.


I have left the fly wheel at school so my teacher can cut a groove in it.




25th January 2010

I have finished it and it works better than before!