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Wilesco D32

This is the holy grail of all wilesco steam engines,

 It took some saving to buy this one, I sold my Mamod engines  so I could afford one of these. The Refurbishment of this engine is detailed below:

 It is a superb runner, all parts are operational.

Dated 1970's

 Below is a picture and a video of the engine running:


The refurb: 3rd February 2011

the engine arrived today, it was well packed And I took to cleaning it straight away. 

 Once cleaned I was happy with the engine And I gave it a run, only to find a hole in the water reservoir for the boiler feed pump. I quickly patched it up with silicone sealant and steam the engine. 

 It ran nicely, though the feed pump was faulty. I'm sure it is a blocked pipe for the main feed to the pump, I will have a closer look tomorrow. for now here are some pictures:


The Refurb 4th February 2011

After stripping the feed pump the problem was found, the ball bearings where not greased and were not seated properly.

I Greased and made sure the bearings were now properly seated. The pump now works. 


 Another problem was the hole in the water reservoir, that was successfully patched with silicone sealant and some tape to neaten and seal the joint.


The Refurb 5th February 2011

Today I ran the engine for most of the morning just to test it and see what it can do. A generator form New Zealand Turned up as well.